Cult of Personality

8th December 3:21 PM
The Steez Hunger Games

I’ve never considered steez or fashion as a winner take all game. Sure, the more disposable income you have the more cool stuff, or terrible crap for that matter, you can buy. But when rare discontinued items pop up on Ebay and you lose because of nube bidding skills, you can’t help but think of Ebay as some form of Steez Hunger Games where you’re Klothing Evercop. The rest of the bidders are tributes trying to cop your life steez.

6th December 3:49 PM
Russians in Space Shoes

With Kanye’s upcoming Adidas release I was wondering who actually wears Adidas anymore and who will buy the shoes beyond Kanye’s fanboys. I mean yeh, Adidas does a lot of collaborations with impressive designers like Mark McNairy, Yohi Yamamato, Jeremy Scott, Raf Simons, and the list goes on. But with the exception of the McNairy collaboration, the rest are unwearable to the common mortal (hint - Yeezus is immortal). The Raf Simons pair above looks like he designed them while abducted by aliens. The only other demographic that wears Adidas anymore is Russians. Russians are likely crazier than Kanye and could probably be the only ones to pull off the Raf Simmons collaboration because of past Soviet exploits in space.

Difficulty: 8/10

5th December 11:01 PM
Chelsea (not the soccer team) Boots


Well-executed Chelsea boots are a thing of beauty. There is an unrivaled sharpness to a silhouette. Originally designed in the Victorian Era for horse riding, they are now mainly used by internet lurkers and Menswear Dogs to roam the streets of SoHo. A good Chelsea boot at a mid-to-low tier price point is difficult to find. Asos has a made-in-England pair that looks solid with the exception of the large heel. Beckett Simonon ups the ante with an even larger heel. My favorite pair of boots should come as no surprise from Beams Plus. If you are feeling like splurging, Belstaff is an investment piece.   

Difficulty: 3/10

4th December 9:44 PM
J. Crew U


For some Gawd Awful Reason you have to go to Miami of Ohio, and you see a frat bro. He’s wearing CHUP socks, Han Kjobenhavn sunglasses, a Nanamica jacket, and some future item from the Public School collaboration. While you have to commend J. Crew’s stocklist, you hate that they are empowering bros with Japanese cult labels, Nordic labels, and CFDA award winners. Look no further for #bromenswear then the bro at Emory who reads Selectism and recommends “earthy” tones for the fall to his equally inbred frat bros. He then gets to “curate” a selection for Gilt because, you know, free mass media advertising. Hopefully J. Crew never stocks WTAPS cause that’s what I see them destroying next.

Difficulty: 3/10

3rd December 8:41 PM
Korean Steez


Liful Parka

In the #menswear era, a parka is essential. The Rolls-Royce would be Nigel Cabourn. The Benz would be Canada Goose. The Hyperloop, the next level in parkas, would be from some obscure Japanese label. The Jetsons flying car of parkas, the next-next level in steez, would be from Korea because most Korean brands don’t even sell to the United States. And, on that note: this Liful parka keeps it simple, and that’s all you need.

Difficulty: 2/10

1st December 8:30 PM
Beams Plus Shawl Collar Coat


Beams Plus X Saltwater Cowboy

I have never heard of Saltwater Cowboy before. They seem to focus on clothing with Navajo and other Native American prints. The concept fits right in with Beams Plus, the Japanese Americana brand. Here, the shawl collar is also a nice touch.

Difficulty: 5/10